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What does it mean to be smart today and over time?


Since the ancient times, the spiritual status and the potential of the mind have been a subject of great interest in most societies. Scientists, philosophers and historians have studied and are still studying the mental processes thoroughly, both independently and in relation to brain’s neurophysiology, in order to give answers regarding the existence and the evolvement of intelligence in our lives. Among the most common words used to describe a person who has excellent perceptual skills is the word “clever”.

The sense of cleverness has emerged from the need to describe someone who is smart or sharp, meaning the person who acts and thinks effectively or efficiently. Other words are also used for the same purpose. Ingenious, brilliant, insightful, shrewd, sagacious, keen, acute, agile, far-seeing and many more terms have been characterising those who use their mind in a specific way, who are always alert and who are able to make successful decisions as a result of processing and understanding in a given situation.

Moreover, there are expressions that have metaphorical meaning and that are also used to describe the high level of someone’s mental ability. Some examples are “Smart as a whip”, “Smart cookie”, “Sharp as a tack”, “Sharper than a number 2 pencil” etc. Many people are seeking the origin of intelligence or even confirmation from others. Questions regarding if intelligence is hereditary and at what percentage, or if an IQ test can prove the level of a person’s intelligence have been posed by many people throughout history.

The fast pace of life and the needs of modern humans have defined the sense of intelligence differently. Intelligent or smart or clever today is someone who is at peace during the day, the one who carries out his/her responsibilities effectively and who makes good use of his/her time, so that he/she is always efficient. In other words, that one who is smart and uses a smartphone, a smart TV, who lives in a smart home, pays in a smart way and generally is following some smart steps in different aspects of his/her life.

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