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21-year-old charged with killing dog (updated)

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A 21-year-old has been charged in writing for the killing of a dog, illegal possession and transport of a firearm and explosives, and carrying a weapon to incite terror, police said on Sunday.

The case is being investigated by the Animal Police, in Nicosia, according to which on January 20 shorty after 6pm he went to an animal farm in Yeri and shot a dog owned by the owner of the farm with a hunting rifle.

The incident was immediately reported to the police by the owner of the dog who was present at the farm at the time.

After a warrant was issued, members of the animal police arrested the 21-year-old on Saturday afternoon who admitted the crimes and handed over a gun which is expected to match that of evidence collected at the scene.

He was charged in writing and released at 11pm.

Saying it would continue to react to incidents The Animal Party said it is not possible to have so many murders and crimes against humans and animals in one year.

As the accused admitted the crime, then we will expect the Animal Police to take the case to court and we hope this time if he is found guilty then he be sentenced to an exemplary prison sentence, it said.

“We must not mourn other innocent victims, animals and people. The killing of an innocent animal is a double crime and every case crimes against animals should be investigated with the same seriousness and the same stubbornness with which the crimes against humans are investigated,” the party said.

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