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‘No information’ to link Cyprus to rape case (updated)


No information so far indicated people in Cyprus were involved in the well-publicised rape of a 24-year-old woman in Thessaloniki, Cyprus the Cyprus News Agency reported on Sunday.

From the data collected so far by the Greek authorities, there does not seem to be any evidence or testimony against people from Cyprus, police said.

Greek activist Ilias Gkionis has said that there is a Cyprus link to what he claims is a connected group of criminals who drug and rape women in Greece.

The Greek activist made several posts on social media about a specific Cypriot known to the authorities for having connections with organised crime, claiming police are trying to cover up the case.

And on Sunday the disclosure led activist Gkionis to again accuse the Cyprus and Greek police of a cover-up.

He called on victims to speak up, saying that investigations have already got underway abroad and assistance will be provided by other countries.

According to the same most recent information, communication between the leadership of the police forces of Greece and Cyprus on Saturday night reveled that so far from “evidence collected by the Greek authorities under consideration, there does not seem to be any evidence or testimony for any action of persons from Cyprus that is related to any rape and sexual exploitation.”

The Greek activist made the claims after a 24-year-old woman was raped at a hotel party in Thessaloniki, bringing to light the group of people who are involved with the mafia and drugs and allegedly rape women in Greece and other countries.

Gkionis said there is information about the movement of women from Cyprus to Greece and Dubai. He spoke of the involvement of underage children, about evidence as regards the names from Cyprus, as well as transactions with businessmen in Cyprus.

However, Gkionis has not yet sent the promised letter to the Cyprus police, in which he would record names and details about the those he says are involved.

On Thursday Greek lawyer Nikos Dialinas, who provides legal advice to 24-year-old Georgia Bika, said there were Cypriots and women from Cyprus at the specific party where the rape occurred.

The lawyer spoke of an alleged “international web” of people who pick up girls and lead them to specific places where they offer them free drinks try to get them hooked on cocaine and then lead them into prostitution.

Bika, who reported the rape to police on January 2, has said she attended the party on New Year’s Eve at which several businesspeople were present. According to her report, she was not feeling well and decided to book a room at the hotel when two men approached her offering to help her find the room. The next thing she remembers is waking up without underwear in a room with a suitcase filled with men’s clothing.

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