Once every four years, Steamboat Springs becomes the sporting capital of the world: this tiny little town high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, has produced more Winter Olympians than any other place on the planet!

As Beijing 2022 gets underway, the world has become transfixed by feats of cold-weather athleticism. Even Cyprus is there: 25-year-old Yiannos Kouyoumdjian will be trying his luck in both Slalom and Giant Slalom this coming week!

But back to Steamboat Springs the traditional Colorado mountain diet is heavy on the stodge – just the stuff you need to fuel a punishing downhill run! The fourth largest producer of sheep in the US, the state is known for its succulent lamb dishes: thick steaks, roast or grilled, and then seasoned with mint, lemon, basil, cumin, rosemary and oregano.

whats eaten2Bison is another favourite. Apparently Colorado bison is 84 per cent lower in fats compared to other red meats, making for lean yet luscious steaks that help you power over the powder. Trout – a fish that fills the mountain streams and lakes – is also popular, especially the native cutthroat trout, often enjoyed at breakfast with sides of bacon, brown butter and eggs.

Then there’s Mountain Pie, a Rocky Mountain speciality that’s actually a pizza – but so thick, so deep dish that it resembles a hefty pie. Bought by weight rather than slice, the dish is smothered in Monterey jack cheese, covered in toppings (bell pepper, ham, onion, spicy chicken, and fresh jalapeno for example), and often comes with a braided, honey-infused crust to ensure the whole thing doesn’t fall apart when lifted!

Lastly, for the brave, there are Rocky Mountain Oysters – a dish that’s quite literally nuts! Here in Steamboat, order ‘oysters’ and you’ll get bull testicles – sliced, mixed with cornmeal, deep fried, and served with a side of fries and a bowl of barbecue sauce. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein, this local delicacy is the ultimate superfood. And quite possibly the reason that Steamboat produces so many athletes who can go faster, higher, and stronger!