The health ministry announced that no people had died of Covid-19 on Sunday and that 2,047 had tested positive from 81,650 PCR and rapid tests, a positivity rate of 2.51 per cent.

There are 182 people in hospitals of whom 41 are in serious condition. Of these, 11 are intubated and 30 are in the high dependency unit. No patients are in the ICU.

The ministry said that the percentage of unvaccinated patients was 69.79 per cent. There are also 30 post Covid patients intubated in ICUs.

The total number of deaths stands at 785 since the onset of the pandemic.

Of the 2,047 new infections announced on Sunday, 222 were from 6,740 PCR tests, 1,825 from 74,910 rapid tests. Through contact tracing, there were 27 positive cases out of 307 PCR tests and 107 infections out of 1,117 rapid tests carried out.

Through private initiative, 114 positive cases were found from 1,012 PCR tests and 768 positive cases from a total of 28,360 rapid tests.

As part of the health ministry programs, 1,057 positive cases came from 46,550 rapid tests carried out and 927 cases from 43,698 tests carried out at rapid test sites.

A total of 21 cases were found in care homes out of 306 tests carried out and a further two cases out of 1,429 tests carried out in closed units.