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Virtual office spaces: The solution to e-Commerce privacy problems

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Despite a dip in online retail sales in Q3 2021, e-Commerce retailers managed to sustain their vast gains from 2020. E-Commerce data from the U.S. Department of Commerce show that the increase in Q3 2021 was 6.8%, hitting a total of $204.64 million compared to $191.57 in the same quarter of 2020. The slight deceleration is not worrying anyone since Nasdaq predicts that traditional retail will lose most of its ground by 2040, with 95% of purchases probably made online.

 Out of a global population of close to 8 billion, more than 27% are digital buyers, and their number continues to grow. E-Commerce continues to present several opportunities for startups. Since most e-Commerce startups face several challenges as they grow, virtual office spaces offer solutions for several issues, including privacy problems.

Virtual office space solutions

According to Wyoming Trust & LLC Attorney, having an office without the stress and enormous expense is one of the main reasons online businesses use virtual office spaces. Additionally, many e-Commerce owners don’t want to use their home address, and a virtual office helps them maintain their privacy. These are just some of the solutions virtual office spaces provide.

Professionalism and credibility

A virtual office allows digital commerce businesses to have a prestigious physical address. They provide services like a local phone number, answering service, mail, scanning, and mail forwarding. Mail forwarding services are the perfect solution for e-Commerce businesses since they receive emails from clients and suppliers around the globe. The virtual office service provider handles these on the owner’s behalf, shielding the company in many ways, particularly from fraudulent activities.

 Another benefit is having a lease agreement, physical address, and any kind of phone service required, including a local number and fax. Some of these are essential requirements for registering a business entity with the Wyoming Secretary of State, opening a bank account, and creating a corporate nexus in Wyoming.

 As an e-Commerce owner, you want your clients to perceive you with increased trust and credibility, something that is difficult to do with a business card that has your home address and mobile number.

Freedom to work from anywhere

Besides reducing daily commutes, which are both costly and time-consuming, through a virtual office, the business owner can work from anywhere at any time. This convenience makes it easier to work remotely, allowing you the same flexibility as your e-Commerce business does.

Increased productivity, decreased costs

Whether you have employees or not, a virtual office space allows you all to get more things done throughout the day. If you are running your business independently but not coping with all the calls and emails you receive all day, a virtual office works is far more cost-effective than an employee’s salary.

You are also not paying the large rental of traditional office space but still have a prestigious address, reducing your running costs and leaving you money to re-invest in your business. You can also choose a physical office to rent if you need it for a Wyoming nexus.

Business growth  

Traditional business expansion is an expensive procedure, especially in new locations. By creating a virtual office in Wyoming, businesses can create a corporate nexus in the state to benefit from its strong asset protection and absence of state taxes. These Wyoming state benefits are why many e-Commerce owners prefer the state when considering where to shift their income and domicile assets.

Customer service

Whether you prefer live phone answering services or programmed automated services, virtual office spaces usually offer you a choice. These are the types of services that make it easier for you to run your business, allowing you to respond promptly to customer queries to the messages you receive. You choose where you prefer to receive all your notifications, mail, mobile, or a private landline.


Whatever your reasons for deciding to have a virtual office space in Wyoming, your privacy is probably one of the most significant. A virtual office space ensures no one with bad intentions can find you, even if it’s just to inundate you with junk mail. Your privacy problems are solved because no one knows where you receive your emails.

Final take

Creating and running a successful e-commerce business requires many considerations. These include choosing the business structure, the e-Commerce incorporation, whether a physical office is necessary, and the state you want to register it. Furthermore, considerations include where you need to set up a primary office – Wyoming is a popular state – and how to protect your personal assets.

 Virtual offices in Wyoming are easy to find but don’t all offer the same services. When deciding on the best, fees are a consideration, but not if you end up paying more for extra services. Wyoming Trust & LLC Attorney provides a range of virtual office services that cover various e-Commerce needs while ensuring that your information stays safe with them because of client-attorney privilege. 

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