The ‘coalition government’ in the north is reportedly considering giving the green light for the industrial cultivation of cannabis in the Mesaoria plain, Turkish Cypriot paper media wrote.

Citing newspaper Avrupa, the Cyprus News Agency reported that ‘prime minister’ Faiz Sucuoglu said the ‘government’ is planning negotiations with a US-based investor to form a bill authorizing the industrial production of cannabis in the north.

Sucuoglu said that the island’s climate is ideal for growing the plant, adding that the Cypriot government has already authorized its cultivation in government-controlled areas.

He reportedly also claimed that several investors have expressed their interest in doing something similar in the north.

The main purpose of these plantations would be to produce cannabis for medical use, he said, adding that officials will also consider the plant’s other uses beyond the pharmaceutical aspect.

Although a location for said plantation has not been chosen, Sucuoglu said this would be discussed with the investor.