The cost of renovating the facades of the buildings on Larnaca’s Piale Pasha has risen to €1 million, according to the town’s mayor Andreas Vyras.

Vyras told the Cyprus News Agency on Tuesday that the sum is now five times higher than the original budget plans.

“The increase is due to the extension of the works after it was decided that the facades of the coastal avenue’s buildings should undergo a complete renovation, as opposed to a partial one.”

Vyras said that an application has already been submitted to the European Union to secure funding for the project, which he said “has a very strong chance of being approved.”

“However, should the EU decide against granting the funds for the project, Larnaca’s municipality will cancel other minor projects in order to prioritise the redevelopment of Piale Pasha.”

Vyras added that building on the prominent Larnaca avenue will be repainted in colours “that have historical significance for Larnaca.”

“A team of experts came up with special colours for the listed buildings on Piale Pasha, such as burgundy, brick red, purple and other tones reminding of the mining and processing industry in town, which is inextricably linked to the town’s history,” the mayor concluded.