The health ministry announced 3,782 new coronavirus infections on Monday after 111,926 tests, a positivity rate of 3.38 per cent.

No deaths were reported.

There are 101 people in the hospital with the virus, of whom 14 are in serious condition, including six who are intubated.

Another 22 patients who have stopped being infectious remain intubated in ICUs, the ministry added.

Most of hospitalised patients, 57.43 per cent, are unvaccinated.

The new cases were detected from 3,769 PCR and 108.157 rapid tests. The majority, 2,375, were traced after 50,643 rapid tests carried out privately, while another 1,093, were detected during the free testing by the health ministry units. Another 193 cases were traced from 1,219 PCR tests carried out after a private intiiative.

Furthermore, during 168 PCR and 895 rapid tests for contact tracing purposes, 18 and 95 positive cases were detected respectively.

Since the pandemic outbreak, some 356,784 coronavirus cases have been detected in the government-controlled areas, of whom 902 died.

Meanwhile, authorities in the north announced 388 new coronavirus cases on Monday, from 19,078 tests carried out in the last 24 hours.