Two people died and another 3,294 new coronavirus infections were recorded after 92,295 tests, a positivity rate of 3.57 per cent, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

There are currently 108 coronavirus patients in state hospitals, 17 of them in serious condition. Of the 17, six are on the ventilator, it added.

Overall, of all hospitalised patients, 59.26 per cent have no history of vaccination. Another 21 post-Covid patients remain intubated in ICUs.

The two deaths announced on Tuesday are of two men, one aged 92 who died on Sunday, and the second aged 78 who died on Tuesday. They bring the total number of Covid deaths in Cyprus to 904.

Of the 92,295 tests carried out on Tuesday, 3,699 were PCR tests that resulted in 383 positive cases. The remaining 88,596 were rapid tests which detected in 2,911 infections.

Contact tracing led to 59 positive cases detected from 405 PCR tests and 73 from 726 rapid tests.

There were another 1,578 PCR tests carried out on private initiative with 253 positive cases reported and 35,004 rapid tests with 1,898 infections.

A total of 53,592 rapid tests were carried out as part of the health ministry’s programme, with 1,103 positive cases found. Of these 623 were from 14,419 tests at rapid testing sites.

Moreover 20,062 tests were carried out at primary schools, with 121 infections detected and 11,612 at secondary schools with 111 infections reported. The test-to-stay programme saw 56 positive cases after 4,432 tests.

Elsewhere, there were 1,264 rapid tests at care homes with 19 infections and 151 tests at closed facilities where four new cases were reported. Finally, six infections were reported after 926 tests at government services.