A USB hub has been taken off sale after the department of Electrical and Mechanical Services said it is not up to standard.

The i-JMB 7-port USB hub, model K-6028E, manufactured by Jumbo SA in China with a 5 V500 mA electrical input and a 5 V500mA output has been withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer, the department said.

It called on anyone who knows of vendors selling this product or who needs further information to contact them, while urging consumers who have bought the product to not use it and return it to the point of sale.

According to the Consumer Protection Law of 2021, the consumer is entitled to a replacement that is compliant with the terms of the sales contract or in the case that this is not possible, their money back. This right is valid for a period of up to two years after the purchase and the responsibility against the consumer always lies with the final seller.

If the seller declines the above right, the consumer should submit a written complaint through the Consumer Protection Service website (www.consumer.gov.cy)