The health ministry announced three deaths from coronavirus on Monday as a new record of 6,494 daily coronavirus infections were detected from 115,930 tests, a positivity rate of 5.6 per cent.

The deaths concerned a 90-year-old man and a 77-year-old woman who died on Sunday and another 80-year-old man who died Monday. The new fatalities raise the number of coronavirus related deaths to 930 since the pandemic outbreak.

There were 190 patients with the virus in the hospital, of whom 21 were in serious condition. Four were intubated.

A percentage of 57.37 per cent of the hospitalised patients were unvaccinated, the ministry said.

It added another 21 patients who stopped being infectious with the virus continue to be intubated in ICUs due to Covid-19.

The new cases were traced from 111,480 rapid and 4,450 PCR tests. Most of them, 4,080, were detected after 54,179 rapid tests carried out privately. Another 1,925 were detected during free testing provided by the health ministry.

The remaining cases were detected after 1,570 PCR tests conducted on private initiative which traced 323 new infections, while another 127 cases were detected during 1,271 PCR and rapid tests for contact tracing purposes.

Meanwhile, authorities in the north reported 767 new coronavirus cases and four deaths.