Cyprus has supported the proposal for a single registration system of Ukrainian refugees across EU member states to help in their relocation process, Interior Minister Nicos Nouris said on Monday.

Speaking from the extraordinary justice and home affairs council, Nouris said EU ministers expressed “unconditional solidarity” with the Ukrainian people.

There was a “dramatic call” from Moldova over how best to resettle the refugees, which the minister said “highlights and gives particular importance” to Cyprus’ proposal for mandatory rather than voluntary resettlement from the countries receiving migratory pressure if they request it.

“We have also supported a central platform on which to register all Ukrainian refugees so that member states can be assisted both in matters of relocation and in matters of solidarity,” Nouris added.

He also welcomed the allocation of €17 billion from unallocated resources to all member states to meet the needs of refugees, “which will greatly help the common cause”.

Around 10,000 refugees from the war-torn country are estimated to have arrived in Cyprus, including those who arrived before the start of Russia’s invasion. Daily arrivals are estimated at 180-200, the interior minister had said. Of them, some 800 have requested temporary protection.

The meeting comes about a week after cabinet approved aid to Ukrainian refugees, who will be given a card to access accommodation, food, and medical care.

Furthermore, Cypriot authorities have established a 24-hour channel of communication with the Ukrainian embassy in Nicosia to facilitate assistance to refugees, Nouris added.