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Exhibition blends photography and music

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In most places we visit, there is music playing. At the supermarket, at bars and restaurants, even at hair salons there are songs making up the soundtrack of our life experiences. In art, music is more thoughtfully chosen. In an upcoming exhibition in Paphos two young artists blend the worlds of photography and music in a unique way.

Photographer Andreas Achilleos and composer George Christoforides are hosting their first Photography & Music Exhibition, a project that has the goal to provide visitors with a new way of interpreting art. There will be no live music performances if that’s what comes to mind, instead a musical composition corresponding to each displayed photograph.

Hosted at Technopolis 20 from April 29 to May 6, the exhibition includes a visual part which is a collection of photographs in the abstract style of Street Photography, combined with the acoustic art of Études-Tableaux, where a musical piece is created with the inspiration of a visual component. Blending these two art forms, the artists have created an album of a series of images, each with their own music.

While visitors browse Andreas’ photos, they will find a QR code next to each one which will lead them to a matching music piece to listen to while looking at the corresponding photograph.

Achilleos took up photography during his first year studying abroad. Fascinated by previous artists of Street Photography such as Saul Leiter and Craig Whitehead, he took to the streets with a phone before even owning any camera gear. After exhausting the possibilities a phone could offer, grabbing his first camera opened up new possibilities of expression. Using a modern camera and editing tools, he has gathered his first collection of photographs to display in an exhibition, as he still seeks to solidify his style in street photography.

Christoforides developed a musical talent from an early age and was taught in the Russian and German piano school of European music. In his college years, he found his calling in music composition, subsequently developing an interest in music for theatre and film. In this album he aims to ground the listener in the moment, allowing them to linger a bit longer on the feelings each photograph provokes in them. The music created seeks to immerse the participants in the static world of each photograph in hope of deeper meaning.


Photography & Music Exhibition

By photographer Andreas Achilleos and composer George Christoforides. April 29-May 6. Technopolis 20, Paphos. Opening night: 7.30pm-10pm. Monday – Saturday: 9am-1pm. Tel: 7000-2420, 99-246292

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