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Lidl rewards employee effort with €210,000 collective bonus


Lidl Cyprus’ management is proceeding with the grant of an extraordinary additional benefit to all of its employees, amounting to 210,000 euros. The sum will be distributed in the form of a voucher (electronic card) to more than 700 of the company’s hires, in recognition of their collective effort, dedication and contribution over the 2021 financial year.

“Having started the new financial year of 2022 dynamically, we leave behind another special year,” observed Lidl Cyprus General Manager Spyros Kondylis.

“This year, once again, we operated with dedication amongst the unique circumstances that were created and we managed to successfully implement our common goals,” he continued, adding “we achieved all this together, in the unique way that defines the Lidl Cyprus team: with perseverance, optimism, commitment and teamwork.

“To recognise the efforts our people make on a daily basis within our stores, logistics centre and offices, we have proceeded, for the first time ever, to offer an extraordinary voucher for purchases from within our stores.”

Thus, with determination, flexibility, understanding and planning, Lidl Cyprus demonstrates its dedication and continuous investment in its people, standing by every household and employee of its extended family.

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