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New study revealing trends shaping email security in 2022

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The corporate world is heavily reliant on email as their primary method of communication for business, for instance there are expected to be nearly 4.3 billion active email accounts worldwide by 2023. Given the simplicity and familiarity that is associated with the use of this medium, it does not seem to be going anywhere. As a result of the importance of emails for business, it is of paramount importance to ensure communication via this medium is sealed and secure.

An entire industry revolves around ensuring email communication is secure, and the negligent performance of this encryption can be harmful to both a business and their customers’ experience. This highlights the recent findings of a groundbreaking study, from Echoworx conducted by Forrester Consulting, that will pioneer the way in which improved email security is achieved.

New research

Lack of automation

The main revelation of the study was that despite companies implementing methods to keep the data of their emails secure by encrypting them (with over three quarters indicating this was a priority), the main encryption systems were extremely expensive as they lacked sufficient automation.

Periphery benefits of improved security

There are a number of periphery benefits outside of the obvious reasons for why a business does not want to leak data in this manner. Namely, the company will become more trustworthy to their customers (both prospective and current), especially in an era of knowledge where consumers are more conscious than ever of the risk of a leak of their data.

By outlining the necessity of methods to improve email security, customers are more likely to trust such businesses with their sensitive information. Fortunately, these consumer expectations go hand-in-hand with the timely intention of 63% of the respondents to this study to prioritize the improvement of their email data protection, particularly with regards to messaging proficiency surrounding message security. This is hoped to improve user experience.

User experience as a central element

Furthermore, the report unearthed that the user experience has to be the primary factor for businesses to focus on as the spearhead of any email security strategy. This was indicated by over 200 global executives responsible for this duty for their company.

According to Michael Ginsberg, Echoworx’s CEO, emails can be a particularly tricky form of data to protect since they possess two factors that are not usually connected with the concept of data. These two factors, transfer and a counterparty recipient, demand an encryption system that is sophisticated and comprehensive.

This explains why 75% of the companies that responded indicated solutions implementing cloud migration and SaaS into their security strategies were much more likely to be successful and scalable in future, with 81% and 79% suggesting this was the case for these two concepts respectively. 

captureWho are Echoworx?

Echoworx is a data protection company that specializes completely in top-notch email data protection services. They have proven their tenure time and time again, and have an annual renewal rate of 97%, despite providing services to over 1 million customers from over 30 countries around the world.

Given that they are 100% concentrated on the encryption of emails for data protection, their techniques are modern and their eyes are on the future to ensure that the businesses of today can benefit from the user interfaces of tomorrow. This is why their report renovating the way in which email data protection is handled can be trusted.

Closing remarks

In a digital age in which data breaches are unfortunately a commonality faced by almost all companies, services providing email encryption are essential for business. Any attempts to handle this in-house are likely to prove ineffective and time-consuming, due to the sophistication of modern day attacks. This means the use of external solutions in order to solve the problem.

Echoworx has made some bold claims about how their solution stands out, not to mention its straightforward implementation and ease of use, which permits companies to speedily utilize its services in order to drastically improve the security of its emails.

It is important to understand what you require as a company, as well as the specific effects of such software on your business’s communication flow before settling on an email data protection service.

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