The Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris seeks to equip church workers for the end-time harvest through 24-hour free program this weekend.

If you are a church worker looking to elevate your faith, the Christ Embassy congregation is giving you the chance to do so through the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris.

The Nigerian church is arranging the annual event for the fourth time from Friday, April 29th at 2 PM GMT+1 and 24 hours onwards.

The Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris is a training session on how to become a better pastor and increase grace in your life and in the way that you minister.

The host, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who is also the founder of the Christ Embassy congregation, is inviting pastors, ministry leaders, youth pastors, apostles, bishops and other church workers to join the program free of charge.

Registrations for the event take place on the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris’ website.

Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris offers networking and insight

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and other Christ Embassy ministers will be teaching and preaching at the event, where participants will be given strategic insight for the end-time harvest.

The program also offers an increased focus on the purpose and mission of the church and networking possibilities for church workers from all over the world.

All of it is set up by the International School of Ministry, which is a subsidiary of Christ Embassy.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s congregation spans everything from churches, tv stations, and social media platforms to banks, schools and NGOs.

The International School of Ministry was founded in 2007 as an educational arm of the ministry.

Since its establishment, the ministry has offered workshops and training sessions to people who dream of becoming pastors.

Several thousands of individuals have achieved that dream with the help of the International School of Ministry over the years.

Every spring, the ministry organizes the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris, where church workers get the opportunity to reach new heights with their ministering.

40 million participants

Last year, 40 million people participated in the 24-hour pastors’ training session.

At the opening of the program, the Christ Embassy founder talked about the word of God.

“You have the spoken word, the written word and the living word. The spoken word came through the prophets, the written word was delivered to us in scripture, and the living word is Jesus made flesh. God’s word made flesh in Jesus,” he said.

He also touched upon the theme of earthly and spiritual things.

“The ministry which we are a part of is a spiritual ministry, and our sacrifices are also spiritual. This is very important. You know, God moved from the sacrifice of goats to the spiritual ministry. The priesthood was moved from earthly things to spiritual things. The sacrifices of earthly things to spiritual things,” he explained and added:

“So, the ministry that we are in today is spiritual. Prior to Jesus coming, what they had was the shadow of the real. It was just a shadow of good things to come.”

The pastor then elaborated on the spiritual realm.

“The spiritual realm is a real realm of life. In fact, it is more tangible than the earthly realm. It is more real than our earthly realm because it gave birth to this. The spiritual came first… God created the Heaven and the Earth,” he stated.

Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris puts rapture in the spotlight

The Israeli televangelist Pastor Benny Hinn also spoke at the 2021 edition of the Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris.

He has appeared in numerous Christ Embassy shows in recent years such as the Global Day of Prayer and the “Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris” prayer series.

He highlighted the importance of the Holy Spirit at the annual pastors’ training session last year.

”Without the Holy Spirit we would not have had Christianity. The Holy Spirit is Christ without the limitation of the flesh. He is the limitless, Christ, because Jesus was limited in the flesh here on Earth. Today, by the spirit he is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent all over the Earth,” he noted.

Like this year, where the event focuses on the strategic insight for the end-time harvest, among other things, last year’s program also shed light on the rapture.

In 2020, the Christ Embassy founder predicted that Jesus Christ will return to Earth within a decade. He did that calculation by using a mathematical formula.

“If the rapture does not happen in three years, it will be six years. If it does not happen in six years, it will not exceed 10 years,” the pastor said.