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Police arrest sixth person in connection with February drugs bust

Police have made a sixth arrest in relation to a drugs raid in Nicosia in February.

According to a police report, a 40-year-old man, was arrested by police late Friday.

The arrest is related to an ongoing case of possession of 2.6 kilos of cocaine and 3.3 kilos of cannabis, which were found by members of the drugs squad last February at a premises in Nicosia.

Along with the drugs, two pistols and a number of bullets were also found.

Police have arrested five other individuals in the same case. On 6 and 7 February, two individuals, aged 25 and 54, were arrested after the drugs and weapons were found in the raid.

Two others were arrested on 31 March, after scientific evidence emerged linking them to the case, while a fifth suspect, a 55-year-old man, was located and arrested on Thursday, also after scientific evidence linked him to the drug case.

It is noted that the six kilos of drugs, the two pistols and the number of bullets, along with the sum of 700 euros, were found in a water tank near the residence of the 25-year-old suspect in a rural area of Nicosia, during an operation by drug squad Ykan on February 6. The 25-year-old had been seen earlier, removing an item from the water tank.

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