Famagusta district court fined two tourists, aged 32 and 38, in separate cases related to breach of the peace while drunk among other offences.

The 32-year-old tourist was found drunk by officers at a Protaras hotel reception on Friday, where he was causing public nuisance, insulting people and damaged the hotel’s entrance.

When he saw the policemen, he started swearing and threatening them resulting in his arrest, police told the Cyprus News Agency.

Officers called an ambulance after they noticed the man’s leg was bleeding.

He was transported to the Famagusta general hospital for treatment under police guard.

A small amount of cannabis was found in his possession, raising the charges against him.

The court convened on Monday and imposed a €1,640 fine after finding him guilty of various offences, including intoxication, breach of the peace and malicious damage, on top of a €500 fine for cannabis possession.

Apart from the fine, the court set June 15 as the date for the start of the hearing for the two cases against him.

Regarding the case of the oldest tourist, to whom the court issued a €800 fine, police said they found him drunk at a hotel in Protaras on Saturday. He was arrested for disturbing the peace and was then taken to the district’s hospital for treatment.