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Dherynia mayor says bases deal does not help beleaguered Strovilia

Η περιοχή Στροβίλια στον Δήμο Δερύνειας
The Strovilia area of Dherynia (Photo: CNA)

The mayor of Dherynia Andros Karayiannis said the new deal for development in the British bases was damaging to parts of the municipality, namely Strovilia.

Strovilia is right on the line between the north and the British bases, and home to a small number of Greek Cypriot families. Karayiannis said the village would not be able to develop.

On Monday it was announced that the bases, comprising 254 square kilometres – three per cent of the island’s territory, will allow for the construction of houses, shops, schools, restaurants and light industrial facilities while third-country nationals will be able to live, operate and establish businesses in the bases.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency on Wednesday, Karayiannis said Dherynia was the only local authority in the area that would not benefit from the new deal.

“Out of the four municipalities and 23 communities included in the deal, Dherynia was only one to be left out,” he said.

“This is a major blow for the town, another one which we have been dealt after the local government reform also left us out of the picture.”

Karayiannis made specific reference to Strovilia and said that in the year 2000, people living there were forced to leave their homes by the Turkish army.

“Today, after years of talks and consultations, they were forgotten and left to their fate once again,” he said.

“The new deal means Strovilia will not be able to develop and the 20 or so residents living in the area will be forced to either leave or sell their properties, as they will not be given any incentives to stay and invest their money,” he added.

Karayiannis said he conveyed his dissatisfaction with the new deal to both President Nicos Anastasiades and to the British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie, as well as to the Commander of the British bases in Cyprus.

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