‘Let them stare’ will see Limassol’s art scene brightened with Stella Kapezanou’s canvases, with their bright colours, featuring femininity and nature playing with symbolism. This second solo exhibition for the Athens-born artist opens on June 9 and will run for one month at the Edit Gallery.

“Observing the work of Stella Kapezanou,” say organisers, “we find ourselves looking voyeuristically through a keyhole, drunk from the colours of her canvases. In her artistic journey so far, she presents well-directed figures full of meaning and allusions, walking the line between fantasy and reality, consumerism and romance, like a transfer of the viewer in an erotic party of lavishing irony that never ends.

“Nevertheless,” they add, “in her solo exhibition hosted at The Edit Gallery in Cyprus, Kapezanou makes an unpredictable shift, from her impeccable directing with tableau vivant techniques and photorealism to a more sensitive, tender and discreet form in its meanings. Skin, female curves and nudes, deify the power of female encouragement in Kapezanou’s world, removing the male figure and presence that we observed in her previous works. The artist reveals to the art-loving public another aspect of her artistic talent, maintaining her technically excellent painting qualities, incorporating collages but also presenting for the first-time ceramic sculptures. The title of the exhibition,” they conclude, “is deafening, so evolving, so empowering and at the same time arrogantly charming: Let Them Stare.”

Let Them Stare

Solo exhibition by Stella Kapenazou. June 9-July 10. The Edit Gallery, Limassol. Opening night: 6pm-9pm. Tuesday-Friday: 3pm-7pm. Saturday: 10am-1pm. Tel: 25-251710