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One of these 3 have 100x potential, Ripple (XRP), Chronoly (CRNO) Terra (LUNA)?


The month of May has surely been a month to remember for the crypto community, we have witnessed $1.5 trillion being wiped off the value of the market and some of the biggest projects lose over 50% of their value. Some crypto experts believe that we have reached the bottom for most crypto tokens and have identified 3 projects that could aggressively rise this month Ripple (XRP), Terra (LUNA) and Chronoly (CRNO) which is still in its presale

Why do the markets expect Chronoly Tokens to 100x? is a decentralized, multichain marketplace that allows anyone to buy, sell and invest in luxury watches on the blockchain. Users can trade fractional NFTs in real-world watches, redeem the physical watch from the vault, and borrow against their NFTs to unlock liquidity.

Using DeFi technology, Chronoly bridges the gap between the $64bn luxury watch market and NFTs, many industry expects are bullish on the Chronoly (CRNO) token as its one of the very few crypto projects that other an asset-backed utility token with a real-world use case. Despite the bearish market last week, the Chronoly token surged by 100% and is now trading at $0.02

Chronoly (CRNO) growth potential

We found a much better alternative investment. Being backed by a real-life luxury and exclusive watch from the likes of Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Richard Mille Chronoly is proving to be more of a sensible choice when investing along with the great potential returns. With top analysts around the world predicting a 50x rise during their presale period alone, proving an investment that shouldn’t be missed out on.

The initiative will collaborate with other blockchain projects in the Metaverse gaming niche to create a tokenized luxury timepiece for users’ avatars on the metaverse. Chronoly, are building not only a custom NFT marketplace, but a metaverse itself where users will be able to showcase their watch. Alongside this, Chronoly are partnering up with some of the top metaverses where you will be able to display your NFT watch on your avatar. Experts are optimistic about the performance of Chronoly CRNO, given its unique value as a currency for facilitating the soon-to-be Chronoly marketplace. With a presale price of $0.02 the price of Chronoly has already gone up 100% during presale as investors are benefiting from getting in early thus looking like a real diamond opportunity, to buy in now. On May 5, 2022, the initial auction sold almost 9.5 million Chronoly (CRNO) in less than a minute of their presale launch.

Does Ripple (XRP) bounce back from here?

Ripple (XRP) platform is an open-source protocol designed to perform fast and cheap transactions. Instead of using a blockchain, Ripple uses a consensus mechanism through a group of servers to validate transactions.

Ripple (XRP) believes that the way banks do things can cause payment and currency transfer problems. Ripple intends to solve the problem of international currency exchanges in the world by offering decentralized banking products.

Ripple (XRP) growth potential

  1. The use of crypto solutions in money transfers – With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, cryptocurrency systems have become widely used in transferring money. This can help systems like Ripplenet grow.
  2. The outcome of the Ripple-SEC lawsuit – The Ripple-SEC lawsuit is expected to run until 2022, and in addition, the outcome of the lawsuit is expected to be in Ripple’s favor. In such a scenario, the price of XRP is expected to move faster and reach more than $ 10.
  3. Transferring XRP digital currency to investors – The company has stated that it will transfer a large portion of XRP digital currency to network users, but only small amounts have been transferred so far. Ripple Labs currently holds about half of the total XRP on the network to maximize its value.

Can Terra (LUNA) bounce after Do Kwon’s rival plan?

Terra (LUNA) is a decentralized protocol that uses stable coins to power its price stable payments system. Terra (LUNA) lays the foundations for the digital economy through the stable coin protocol, the Oracle System, and smart contracts.

Terra’s goal was to transform its stablecoin (UST) market value into the largest stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market. However, the recent de-pegging of Terra (UST) and the subsequent crash of Terra (LUNA) have made this vision almost impossible and all of the project’s plans, including the LUNA price, depending on the UST’s success.

With the founder of Terra (LUNA) Do Kwon facing prosecution by the South Korean government for unpaid taxes and a number of investors stipulating that Terra was after all a Ponzi scheme with its stable coin UST not being backed by anything there seems no way back. Investors have lost almost 100% of their value in this project and are now looking for safer investments that are backed by a real tangible asset with appreciating value. We can see many investors now commending presale star Chronoly.

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