The Animal Party on Monday condemned as unacceptable, abhorrent and macabre the killing of a fox which was then left in basketball hoop.

The fox was found slumped across the basketball hoop on Saturday outside the church of Ayia Marina in Dasaki Achna, after which a citizen informed the Animial Party.

The Animal Party also reminded that the fox is a protected species.

Police from the British bases in cooperation with the district animal welfare committee took the fox down on Sunday morning, which was then taken to the veterinary service, which will conduct an autopsy to see how the fox may have been killed.

Police are meanwhile trying to track down who killed the animal.

The culprits must be found immediately, and justice must be done, the Greens said in a statement, calling on the competent authorities to fully investigate the incident.

The movement, concerned about the outbreak of violence against animals that has been observed more strongly lately, calls for an amendment to the law so that the abuse and killing of animals is now treated as a felony.