Non-performing loans at the end of February 2022 fell to 11.3 per cent of total loans, according to data released by the Central Bank on Monday.

This represents a 0.4 per cent month-on-month decrease, with the previous figure having stood at 11.7 per cent of all loans.

In cash terms, non-performing loans amounted to €2.9 billion at the end of February, down from €3 billion in January 2022.

Total lending increased from €25.66 billion at the end of January to €25.69 billion at the end of February.

Loans to households amounted to €10.62 billion, while loans to non-financial corporations reached €12.94 billion.

In addition, €1.72 billion in loans belonged to other financing companies, while loans to the general government amounted to €402 million.

Non-performing loans belonging to households amounted to €1.55 billion in February, while the amount for non-financial corporations amounted to €1,17 billion. Other financing companies had NPLs worth €181 million in total.

The coverage ratio reached 45.3 per cent at the end of February 2022, compared to 43.6 per cent at the end of January 2022.

The amount of total loans restructured until the end of February amounted to €3.34 billion, of which €1.32 billion remain classified as non-performing loans.