A fire-fighting helicopter from Turkey arrived in the north on Sunday, where it will be stationed, as announced by Turkish Cypriot ‘Prime Minister’ Unal Ustel after the recent major fire near Kormakitis, Cyprus News Agency (CNA) reported.

According to reports, Ustel had said at the time that the helicopter would arrive on June 1.

Turkish Cypriot media reported that the helicopter is now parked at a ‘forestry department’ site in Nicosia, where it will remain until September.

However, speaking to Yeni Duzen earlier, the ‘director’ of the ‘forestry department’, Cemil Karzaoglu, said that even if the helicopter arrives, the ‘department’ does not have a helicopter operator, referring to the staff shortages faced.

Meanwhile, a new fire broke out in Bogazi on Saturday lunchtime, burning plastic pipes belonging to the local ‘municipality’ as well as construction tools.

The fire was started on private property, but was quickly brought under control.

The ‘police’ said the fire was started by a 52-year-old man who was arrested.

Twenty acres of land was affected by the blaze, the report concluded.