Ireland and Cyprus as two island nations with maritime history and tradition are facing common challenges Speaker of the Irish House of Representatives Seán Ó Fearghaíl said on Saturday.

He was addressing an event by the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute in the coastal city of Larnaca on the occasion of the European Maritime Day (CMMI).

Ó Fearghaíl attended an event for the launching of the European Maritime, an event “which highlights the depth of cooperation between Ireland and Cyprus.”

“This initiative makes clear that we share so many interests in the marine sector, research and innovation, sustainable use of the marine sector; transport, protection of both the marine environment and marine heritage to name some of the many areas”, the Irish politician said.

He also paid tribute “to the vision and ambition of the Republic of Cyprus in developing this institution” and congratulated both Cyprus and Ireland for this excellent cooperation.

Ó Fearghaíl expressed hope that this project can lead to greater research and educational links between Ireland and Cyprus. “We are both islands, so it makes sense for us to share expertise and learning,” he noted.

“As an island nation, this project has the potential to be of great benefit to both our countries and I look forwards to its future success”, he said.

Larnaca Mayor, Andreas Vyras expressed support for such initiatives “which places the sea at the spotlight and contribute to shaping our city as a hub for blue growth,” recalling that the municipality was striving to exploit the potential of blue growth in the best possible way.

He added that the establishment of CMMI and the upgrading of the Larnaca marina would contribute to e further developing the city.

Zacharias Siokouros, the CMM Chief executive officer, said the Institute’s basic aim was to link society and the local community with the sea.

The events to mark the European Maritime Day 2022 kicked off on June 9 and will conclude on Monday.