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Profitable Crypto regardless of bear market: Gnox (GNOX), Tron (TRX) and Shiba Inu (SHIB)


If your portfolio has been struggling in recent weeks, you’re not the only one. Everyone’s has. It’s a difficult market right now, and nobody is sure how long losses might continue. While we all hope this is just a “dip” that’s going to surge back up to all-time highs very soon, that simply might not be the case. With global economic conditions worsening, we could be in for the long run. And this will be the first recession the crypto world has gone through, so historic price data isn’t really anything to look back on.

So crypto investors right now should be ready for the long-haul. We still believe the future for the industry is strong, but it might take a while to recover losses. But there are still a few coins you might want to add to your portfolio right now that have great potential. These cryptos could outperform much of the rest of the market and come out as true bear successes. Let’s have a look…

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox has remarkably performed well in the last few weeks. Prices are up over 60%, and the coin is still in pre-sale. Creators plan more token burns to help limit supply even more, which could drive prices again. We like Gnox because of how easy it is to get started with. It’s a simple, all-in-one platform that puts DeFi investment benefits (passive income) in the hands of regular investors. Some investors have been reluctant to get involved in crypto, but Gnox makes it easy for them to enjoy the benefits without any of the headaches. Users don’t have to understand things like staking or liquidity pooling, they just get to enjoy Yield Farming as a Service, thanks to Gnox.

Gnox achieves these benefits by building a treasury of funds from a sales tax on transactions. These funds are then deposited for users, with returns being paid back every month. The funds might be liable to different risk categories, from low-risk stablecoins to high-risk NFTs, but Gnox holders get a say in how they want the funds to be invested and how much risk they are happy with. We think with both short-term price gains and long-term passive income potential, the upsides for Gnox are huge.

Tron (TRX)

Tron is another project that aims to give investment benefits to real users, with its goal to decentralize the web and connect investors across the globe. Tron has had a tough few weeks like many other coins, but many analysts still predict it’s got big upsides. That’s why we think you should look at Tron for your portfolio.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba is another that’s had an incredible year or two. Massive gains followed by a slight downturn. Some market onlookers think the future for SHIB could be bright, especially as the platform is now burning even more tokens to try and solidify prices. If you want something that could “moon” at some point, SHIB could be it (even though it is a much higher risk investment than something like GBOX).

We like these three crypto coins for a range of reasons. They all might be able to help keep your portfolio profitable despite overall bear market conditions.

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