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How drugs affect the human brain and the nervous system

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Drugs can affect the brain and nervous system in a certain way to where addiction can form. If you want to learn about the science of this, you’ll want to read further. This will give you a better understanding of what role the brain plays in addiction.

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You should get the help you need to fight this addiction. and heal your brain and nervous system and live a drug-free life.

Let’s talk more about drugs and their effect on the human brain and the nervous system.

Drugs and the Brain: How it works?

When drugs are in your system, they can interfere with the neurons responsible for sending, receiving, and processing signals. Some drugs can activate these neurons because of their chemical drug composition. Such drugs are heroin and marijuana.

These drugs will attach and activate the neurons while they mimic your brain chemistry. They will not activate in the same manner as if they were natural neurotransmitters. Because of this, abnormal messages will be sent through your nervous system.

Drugs like cocaine and meth though will cause neurons to release an abundance of neurotransmitters. This process will disrupt the communication process between neurons.

The brain will react in a certain way depending on the type of drugs one is using.

What parts of the brain are affected?

There are three parts of the brain that will be affected when drugs enter the system: the basal ganglia, extended amygdala, and the prefrontal cortex.

Let’s take a look at how each of the following is affected:

  • Basal ganglia: This will play a role in how you are motivated in doing something. It can also play a role in making things pleasurable when you are performing certain activities. This is also where the brain’s reward circuits are located. Drugs will ‘overwork’ these circuits, thus triggering that euphoric effect. With time the sensitivity created will be reduced, thus reducing the levels of pleasure. From there, it may play a role in building up a tolerance and demanding an increased drug dose.
  • Extended amygdala: This is responsible for stressful emotions including irritability, anxiety, and that uneasy feeling. As the drug use continues, this part of the brain will become even more sensitive. For this,  irritability and related mood swings can occur while one can also experience discomfort instead of the ‘high’ feeling many expect for using these drugs.
  • Prefrontal cortex: This part of the brain is responsible for helping you think, solve problems, make decisions, and monitor your self-control. This part of the brain does not develop until adult age and is one of the reasons why teens are more likely to develop addiction much faster than older people. This will reduce impulse control over time once someone is addicted to drugs.

Drugs are more addicting than natural rewards

The truth is, drugs can be more addictive compared to the ‘rewards’ you receive from something pleasurable. For this reason, you will notice a difference between the two. The misuse of drugs can lead to your brain producing a lower number of neurotransmitters and thus there are few receptors for the signals the brain creates.

Due to this, the brain will act as if it’s giving you natural rewards when the drugs are in your system. When someone misuses drugs, they will feel depressed, lifeless, or unmotivated. This also includes losing the ‘enjoyment’ of the things they normally do.

At this point, drugs will replace the simple things that provide you with pleasure. This is another reason why addiction to drugs may develop. It’s because they will need that feeling again and an enjoyable task won’t be enough.

Do you want to enjoy the simple things in life again? You can and it takes getting the help you need. A treatment plan will help you follow through and allow your brain to recover.

It takes 90 days for the brain to heal itself. It’s important to choose a treatment plan that will be useful in allowing your brain and nervous system to recover over time. This also includes medication-assisted treatment and regular therapy.

When taking drugs, your brain will also produce a large level of dopamine. This is a pleasure chemical that will make you feel good. Regardless of the drug you are using, your brain will overload with dopamine and the euphoric feeling will kick in.

This will allow a reinforcing connection between the drug, pleasure, and the external cues that are associated with the entire experience. The dopamine will train the brain to want the drug and the brain will remember that by taking the drug you will feel ‘good’.

You’ll want to experience it again and again until you get hooked. It can get to a point where you build a tolerance and you have to increase the dosage. It will build up over time and it can lead to dangerous levels where you can overdose.

Final Thoughts

The brain and nervous system can be affected by drugs over time. It is important that you get the help you need as soon as possible. This way, you can allow your brain to heal and rewire itself.

Your treatment plan may take time. The brain may require 90 days to heal itself. This can be a good sign considering you may never want the drug after that point.

Gallus Detox will be able to help you achieve this goal. Feel good about feeling better. Contact us today and we will make sure you kick your addiction so as to experience and enjoy the simple things in life again.


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