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Please don’t publish dangerous photos of Cape Greco

Cape Greco

I am a regular reader of your newspaper and appreciate your work very much.

I very rarely comment on news even on social media, but I would like to express my disappointment at the continued use in your articles of photographs depicting tourists diving from the Cape Greco cliff.

During my first six months in Nicosia, I witnessed two girls that badly injured themselves from that point and had to be rushed back to their country with severe spinal injuries.

One of them is a close friend of mine who was visiting me in the island for a few days. Fortunately, she did not end up in a wheelchair, but the risk was high. After many days in the hospital in Paralimni, we organised a flight in which she could travel lying down. Between various ambulances and flights I managed to get her home, but still she had to spend six months lying in a bed, immobilised with an iron brace. The only action she could perform was to get up to pee and after that she had to drop her work cause her back will not ever be the same.

It rarely happens that municipalities and government are ahead of what is promoted in your paper, but this time it is happening. Finally, numerous signs have been installed in the Cape Greco area indicating the danger of diving, despite this I very often see the same photograph in your newspaper, which can mislead your readers.

I hope you can find an alternative as it would not change anything to the success of your article.

Marco Frassine

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