Police from the bases made 51 arrests since March for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the busy areas of Ladies Mile and Trachoni, the SBA announced on Tuesday.

Fines of up to €600 were issued by the SBA court last month to the offenders, chief inspector Panicos Panayi said, adding that the data covers a three-month period up until June.

The increase in this type of incident should be stopped to reduce the number of accidents, with the SBA police in Akrotiri stating that in hot spot areas there will be an increased police presence.

“As SBA police officers, we urge drivers to think of their safety and the safety of others and avoid drinking when they are in control of a vehicle,” Panayi added.

“We have seen that there is an increase in fatal accidents all over the island and we need to take all necessary measures to ensure that all of us enjoy a peaceful summer with our families,” he said.