The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce (Keve) on Tuesday announced that it will be holding a seminar on career prospects in the maritime sector.

The seminar, which is being held in collaboration with the University of Cyprus’ oceanography centre and the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI), will take place on Thursday, July 14, at the CMMI facilities in Larnaca.

The seminar will focus on topics related to maritime transport and career opportunities in the sector, while it will also provide a combination of theory and practice.

Moreover, there will be a tour of Larnaca port which involved the participation of Cypriot and foreign speakers from both the private sector and academic institutions.

The event aims to create a training and mentoring network, dubbed the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Network (EMReN).

“It seeks to engage both professionals and young people who have a connection to maritime transport, shipbuilding and ship repair, ports, and the cruise industry,” Keve said in a statement.

“It also aims to bridge the skills gap between education and labour market needs, especially in terms of technological developments and innovation,” the chamber added.

Moreover, Keve explained that the initiative seeks to strengthen the cooperation between industry, academia and public authorities, while at the same time encouraging the mobility of students, teachers and professionals.

“It also aims to provide guidance and advanced knowledge on professions and career prospects in the maritime industry,” Keve concluded.

Participation at the event is free of charge and all speeches will be delivered in English.