A Cypriot partnership to support digital technologies led by the Cyprus institute, has ranked third for funding by the European Commmission.

Under the coordination of the Cyprus Institute, the new strategic partnership of the most important Cypriot organisations in the fields of high technology, research and entrepreneurship, was established. Its aim is to accelerate the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises and the public sector through the provision of specialised services.

The partnership has been operating since the autumn of 2022 as the European Digital Innovation Hub of Cyprus.

Its establishment was recently approved by the European Commission after being ranked third in Europe among several hundred applications and receiving the highest possible score (15/15) from independent evaluators. The operation of the Hub is supported by the European Commission through the ‘Digital Europe’ programme as well as by the deputy ministry of research, innovation and digital policy.

The Hub will act as a one-stop-shop to support the adoption of new digital technologies – especially artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and cybersecurity. Hub services include information and training, consulting services, technology transfer, access to technological infrastructure and testbeds, support for access to public and private funding, and mediation with business partners in Cyprus and abroad.

“The Digital Innovation Hub aims to contribute to fostering the digital culture in society, to enhancing the digital maturity of companies and public organisations, as well as to accelerating the digital transition of the Cypriot economy,” said the Coordinator of DiGiNN, Dr Vassilis Tsakalos. “The strategy of the Hub also includes specific actions that combine the vision of the digital transition with that of sustainable development as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation,” Tsakalos added.

The new partnership includes the Cyprus Institute as coordinator, the Center of Excellence CYENS as co-coordinator, the Center of Excellence KIOS, PWC, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the local chambers, several schools and units of the University of Cyprus and the Cyprus University of Technology, the Employers and Industrialists Federation, ELECTI, IDEA Innovation Center, Cyprus Seeds, Chrysalis Leap, Paphos Innovation Institute, and the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics. The headquarters of the Hub will be at The Cyprus Institute and CYENS. At the same time, all the partners’ premises will host the Hub’s activities and the provision of services to companies and public organisations.