Whether you’re hunting for a lost pet, or just want a pet-friendly place to visit, the app PetPins might be just what you need.

Available on Google Play & App Store, app allows users to report whether they’ve lost or found a pet, pet-friendly places, notification alerts for when poison is found, information about pets for adoption, as well as general information for pet services such as pet shops, vets, pet hotels, etc.

Users may also review the various services and products, while providers may list their services to ensure more visits.

By registering pets, you can keep records of their needs and get reminders about everything that’s important to them.

“We have pet-friendly community that is constantly growing, it is a global app to help the pet community by providing a tool for what they need for their pets,” PetPins owner, Marios Lemoniatis said to Cyprus Mail.

Pet-friendly places is the most popular service of the application, Lemoniatis added, it is something that was missing from Cyprus, since there are not many places for owners to go with their pets.

Through the application, users can now enjoy their coffee such as at beaches, restaurants and hotels, Lemoniatis said.

Also popular is the pet missing/pet found service, which is innovative, when a pet is lost in an area app users receive a message, so they help to locate it, he added.

Furthermore, there are already people who with the help of the application managed to identify their pet, the owner of the app said.

Join the PetPins pet-loving community here https://www.petpins.net