The Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (CMP) received a donation of €5,000 from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg last week.

According to a CMP press release on Tuesday, these funds will support the CMP Project on the exhumation, identification and return of remains of missing persons in Cyprus to their families.

So far, the remains of 1,027 missing persons from both communities have been identified and returned to their families for proper burial.

CMP relies on donor support to implement its bi-communal projects. The European Union is the main financial contributor.

The Committee on Missing Persons was established upon agreement between the leaders of the two communities, with the scope of exhuming, identifying and returning to their relatives the remains of 492 Turkish Cypriots and 1,510 Greek Cypriots, who went missing during the intercommunal fighting of 1963-1964 and in 1974.

According to statistical data on the CMP website by August 1 out of 2,002 missing persons 1,185 were exhumed and 1,027 identified.