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Immunicorn Finance and BNB could skyrocket when Crypto winter disappears


Prices have turned bullish in the cryptocurrency markets, but the overall situation is still bearish. With the value increases seen in altcoins, it can be seen that investors are starting to make profits in the cryptocurrency market. In this bear market, investors who want to make long-term investments follow projects such as Immunicorn (IMU) and BNB (BNB). Immunicorn (IMU) is on the watch list of many people with the innovations it aims to bring to the field of decentralized finance.

Immunicorn Finance (IMU) can be even stronger after the Crypto winter

Immunicorn Finance (IMU) aims to be an advantageous project in DeFi. In the ecosystem, which works with a well-optimized algorithm, it is aimed that users can perform transactions with the lowest costs.

The liquidity needs of the ecosystem are met through the comprehensive staking program. With the staking program, investors can earn passive income and have a say in decentralized management.

The developers of Immunicorn Finance (IMU) point out that the ecosystem is working to be a long-term project. For this purpose, a reserve is held on BNB to stabilize the token price and keep it valuable. The Immunicorn Finance (IMU) ecosystem, developed on Binance Smart Chain, stands out as a project that long-term investors are interested in, especially those who want to make long-term investments after the crypto winter dissipates.


One of the biggest exchanges, Binance, supports BNB (BNB)

Binance is one of the world’s biggest exchanges and fully supports BNB (BNB) during this bear market. This is significant because BNB (BNB) is the native token of Binance, and its purpose is to fuel the ecosystem of the exchange. Binance has a market cap of over $36 billion, and its native token, BNB, is currently ranked as the 5th largest cryptocurrency. The support from Binance will likely help increase the adoption of BNB (BNB) and its use as a payment token. This is particularly significant given the recent crypto crash, which has plummeted the prices of many cryptocurrencies. The support from Binance could help to drive up the price of BNB and help buy the whole cryptocurrency market.


NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is a highly innovative project that could bring huge profits after the Crypto crash.

The NEAR Protocol (NEAR) project has created wallet names in a way that people can understand in general. All smart contracts can be accessed within the system without being tied to any wallet. The project started to be created by a Russian team in 2018. This system, prepared by a team of 50 people, has made the trading and management of cryptocurrencies very easy and fast.

Applications that are not connected to any center have brought about problems. The first is that it is not scalable. The inability to scale any event or reward distribution causes losses in the system. With the NEAR Protocol (NEAR) project, such decentralization issues are resolved. The system creates an important privilege with its advanced interface and high-speed infrastructure. The auction, which is held every 12 hours, plays an essential role in the sale of tokens. In this way, the sales of this coin and the cryptocurrency market, in general, are kept active all the time.



Immunicorn Finance (IMU) and BNB (BNB) are two cryptos that have great potential when the crypto winter disappears. Keep that in mind; these are just two examples of cryptos with great potential in 2022. That means you should investigate further to find more options. On the other hand, these are perfectly fine for your long-term cryptocurrency investments. As we move closer to the end of the crypto winter, now may be a good time to invest in these and other promising coins.

Immunicorn Finance (IMU)


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