Famagusta police busted an apparent drug production operation and arrested two men, aged 31 and 63, in the case which also involves illegal entry into the country.

Ykan (drug squad) officers entered the house of the 63-year-old with a court warrant and identified a series of suspicious items and packages. The bust on Tuesday evening uncovered products such as precision weighing scales, packages believed to contain synthetic cannabis, and small quantities of cocaine and cannabis in the man’s car.

Elsewhere, the officers also searched the house of the 31-year-old –who is linked to the elder man – and uncovered similar items.

The 63-year-old is facing additional charges of assisting illegal migration and securing documents under false pretences. He is accused of having been expelled from Cyprus in 2013 but allegedly made his way back illegally with a different passport, which was found at his house.

The two men were taken to Famagusta district court on Wednesday and were slapped with an eight day detention order.