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Cyprus-based company neither confirms nor denies its drones being used by Ukrainian army

Poseidon H10 (Photo: Swarmly)

A Cyprus-based drone company on Thursday neither confirmed nor denied reports from a Russian social media site (VK) that said some of its Poseidon H10 drones had been received by two divisions of the Ukrainian army.

Contacted by the Cyprus Mail, Swarmly Ltd, a Limassol-based drone company’s CTO Gary Rafalovsky responded by email saying: “Recently we noticed an extensive coverage in the international press of our systems being delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by a Ukrainian NGO. While our company strongly condemns an aggressive war the Russian Federation wages against Ukraine, our Terms of Use stipulate that any military or combat use of our systems voids the product warranty, as is the case with products from many other unmanned systems manufacturers.”

Rafalovsky added that the company is bound by contractual obligations to not disclose any agreements they have with third parties in any countries.

According to reports reproduced in the Cypriot press from the website, the 26th artillery brigade and the 120th reconnaissance division of the Ukrainian army received Poseidon H10 drone and the larger UAV Poseidon H6 drones made by the company.

The post on VK said the sale had been made to the Ukrainian NGO ‘Pryulat Serhi’ and that the drones were sold for €700,000.

Rafalovsky said: “Our company is a commercial enterprise and follows all relevant export control regulations established by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union. We also follow a strict internal compliance process to ensure that our systems are never delivered to or can operate in the interests of any embargoed or sanctioned entities, such as, for example, North Korea, Iran, or the Russian Federation.”

The media reported that the 26th brigade would receive the Poseidon H10 drones. H10 Poseidon VTOL UAS is a midrange electric UAS (unmanned aircraft system) that provides portability and covert operations capabilities. H10 can be transported in an SUV or a pickup truck and prepared for operations in less than 10 minutes.

According to the company’s website, the H10 is ideal for cover operations, as it has low acoustic signature and no thermal signature, making it hard to detect.

The 120th reconnaissance division is reported to be receiving the Poseidon H6 drones.

The company’s website says, the H6 Poseidon VTOL is the second largest of their UAS equipped with hybrid gasoline/electric propulsion. H6 is specifically designed to deliver missions requiring long endurance and heavy lift over land and sea.


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