Where do you live?
I am currently living in Paphos on my own

What did you have for breakfast?
For breakfast I had a halloumi pie and a Fredo Espresso

Describe your perfect day
The perfect day is enjoying an early swim at the beach and spending the rest of the day working at my studio space.

Best book ever read?
The Building by Franz Kafka, and by that I do not refer to The Tower which is a more well-known book of his. The poetic narration that is yet so vivid to visualise is what attracts me to Kafka’s writing. In the same way that this book touches on day to day struggles and the safe spots to build on.

Best childhood memory?
Late afternoons at Coral beach, family time and play.

What is always in your fridge?

What music are you listening to in the car at the moment?
Various kinds, but lately I’m into Greek synthpop and electrowave like Ichotopia, Pan pan, Stereo Nova

What’s your spirit animal?
Spirit animal… I will say tiger, although I can’t reason the choice.

What are you most proud of?
Learning German

What movie scene has really stayed with you?
From the movie Blade Runner 2049 the scene where the protagonist faces the foggy golden sky of the dystopic land which he has reached.

If you could pick anyone at all (alive or dead) to go out for the evening with, who would it be?
Mm absolutely I would pick Cher.

If you could time travel when/where would you go?
I would go back to the making of the Pyramids.. it’s simply fascinating owning that information.

What is your greatest fear?
Fear of not achieving the goals I set.

What would you say to your 18-year-old self?
Be braver and speak up, I think.

Name the one thing that would stop you dating someone
Closed mindset.

If the world is ending in 24 hours what would you do?
Listen to all the music I Shazamed so far and spend the day half with family and the ending with friends.