Cypriot professor Andreas Kapardis presented two papers on corruption during the 39th Cambridge international symposium on economic crime.

The emeritus professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Cyprus and member of the faculty of the Frederick University law school presented his papers in front of 2,000 delegates from 90 countries at the Jesus college within the university of Cambridge earlier this month.

In his first presentation on corruption as an enabler of crime, the professor addressed criminogenic factors that facilitate the commission of common crimes, economic crimes, political crimes against the environment and crimes against humanity. He also analysed the relationship between corruption and crime and spoke about the importance of highlighting such cases through the media, investing in prevention.

In his second presentation, he focused on the theme ‘Corruption and peddling of influence’, giving examples from the international arena and indicating ways to reduce the phenomenon.

The conference organising committee, chaired by Professor Barry Rider, honoured Professor Kapardis for his long-standing contribution to the study and prevention of financial crime internationally

CIDOAC took place between September 4 and 11 this year.