One more person, aged 33, has been charged for offences related to the violence that broke out at a football match last week at the Aek arena, police said on Sunday.

The latest suspect was arrested on Saturday night and after being charged in expected to appear in court.

The match last Monday was between Aek and Nea Salamina.

The incidents occurred before and after the football match, and resulted in the injury of a citizen and a policeman.

The policeman was injured when a bottle was thrown at his face and was taken to Larnaca General Hospital, where he was detained. He suffered fractures to the right cheekbone, nasal bone and sinus, as well as a cut lip.

During the incidents, police arrested a 51-year-old man after he swore at officers. He has been charged in writing to appear before a court later.

Two men had already been arrested, aged 20 and 31, the first on September 14 and the second two days later.

They have both been charged with rioting.

The 20-year-old will appear before a court on November 3, until when he has been banned from sports venues. A court date has not been set for the older suspect.

Police are still looking for a further two suspects.