A 55-year-old Ukrainian woman accused of brandishing a knife at a demonstration by Russian activists appeared before the Larnaca district court on Monday morning on charges of carrying a weapon to cause terror, and drunkenness.

She will next appear before the court on October 5 after being released on a €2,000 bail.

She also faces charges of disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and carrying a knife outside the home – with five of the seven charges having the additional weight of alleged racism attached, according to local media reports.

The court case is centred on an incident which broke out on the evening of August 22, when she approached a group of about 20 people celebrating Russia’s flag day.

Videos circulated on social media appeared to show a distressed woman holding a knife and staggering towards the small group gathered there.

Protesters sympathetic to the defendant gathered outside the court on Monday and urged the authorities not to focus on alleged intent to terrorise. They carried placards reading ‘No to War’.

Those present in favour of a lighter sentencing of the defendant say she has mitigating circumstances such as health issues after the murder of her brother, local media reported.