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Parcel tracking : Get full tracking information online


Nobody knows what the future holds; the only thing we can do is predict based on the facts and happenings of today. From all available facts and figures, it will not take a rocket scientist to know that the world is heading toward a digitized economy. One sector that seems to be moving faster than its counterparts is the commerce sector.

To fully take over the sector and win the approval of the vast majority of the world’s shopping population, e-commerce must solve the issue of parcel tracking. For example, customers with China post tracking numbers still express dissatisfaction over the inadequacy of tracking tools to monitor their orders. This example like many others harms the credibility of the sector.

According to, there are about 2.5 billion online buyers with over 1.1 billion digital transactions processed daily. If there is one thing these statistics show, it’s that the traditional method of buying and selling will not survive this or the next decade. E-commerce, as it’s called, which is the new kid on the block, is positioning itself to replace the old cash-based commerce and shopping industry.

Tracking and accessing goods information through digital portals

Surveys show that 36 % of people who engage in e-shopping do so because they can keep tabs on package movement. This survey means that the futuristic growth of the e-commerce sector is heavily reliant on its technological order-tracking abilities. Parcel tracking improves the transparency and trust shoppers have in the industry.To know how to track packages, you must first understand how the package is being shipped.

When you place an order to purchase a product online, the store asks you for a preferred means of shipping. Most buyers usually pick free shipping as it’s cheap and reliable. Going by your selection, the vendor sends your goods to the postal office for processing and shipment. On getting to the postal office, the package is assigned a tracking code for easy identification. Depending on which shipping platform, these tracking numbers are usually long, consisting of letters and numbers. For example, the China post tracking number is a 13-digit code consisting of 3 alphabets and 10 numbers.

As soon as the package tagging is done, it is then given to an international logistics company for shipping. Customers have to wait 48-72 hours before the goods’ tracking information will be updated online for monitoring. Accessing your goods tracking information is simple, as many free online tracking portals exist. Through these portals, customers can monitor their purchases’ movement and report any suspicious activity to the relevant customer care service.

Are free tracking tools reliable for accurate information?

The answer is “Yes”. These tools/platforms allow customers to monitor the status of their goods in real-time. Their information is as accurate and reliable as those from paid tracking portals, with sometimes more added advantages. Most of these tracking platforms provide customers with the option to subscribe to push notifications for regular order status updates. With this feature, shoppers are assured of free and easy access to information as regards their goods. One free tracking platform that e-shoppers should try out is Ordertracker. They have so many amazing features and support about 1200 national and private courier services in over 200 countries.

Bottom line

When ordering goods from any part of the world, ensure your selected shipment option allows for order tracking. This will save you a lot of time and stress worrying about the safety and security of the package. Also, note that your tracking code must be sent to you before shipment by either the vendor or the courier service.

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