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Paphos public works supervisors stage spontaneous strike

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Paphos public construction supervisors went on a spontaneous two-hour work stoppage on Tuesday morning, in response to what they perceive as unjust and problematic policies and procedures.

Spokesperson for the supervisors, Alexandros Alexandrou, said the strike happened because of issues with guaranteeing the proper supervision of the district’s public works.

The public works department, Alexandrou stated, employs 18 project supervisors, however only six are actually working on-site. Of the rest, some are seconded to different departments while others are expected to perform additional duties to the ones they were hired for.

This creates staffing problems for the remaining supervisors who are under constant pressure, Alexandrou explained.

“We cannot take the leave we are entitled to, nor get sick because there’s nobody to replace us,” he said.

According to Alexandrou, the matter was raised with the competent ministry, which had sent a letter instructing management to restore the supervisors to their positions. However, they refused to do so, instead proposing the solution that regular workers step in to fill the role of the absent supervisors.

The supervisors argue that this is not a feasible solution as the replacements lack the experience and knowledge to supervise the works.

“We request that all construction supervisors perform the actual duties for which they have been hired,” Alexandrou said.

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