Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides on Friday confirmed reports there will be a further partial reopening in areas of Varosha, namely that of Ayios Memnonas.

Speaking to CyBC radio, Kasoulides said that information relayed to the government points to the occupying forces proceeding with another section being reopened.

Kasoulides said that the government has received similar information to Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar’s comments that ‘municipal’ and ‘government’ buildings are to be opened in Varosha.

Community leader of Ayios Memnonas Christoforos Ellinas told the Cyprus Mail that he has also received such information and decried the move – emphasising that the Turks are showing utter contempt, particularly regarding the UN security council resolutions.

He called on the progressive Turkish Cypriots to also voice their opposition to the illegal reopening.

Ayios Memnonas was a village just south of Varosha, north of Deryneia, which Ellinas said had been undergoing rapid development prior to the invasion.

He explained that the community’s economy was mainly centred on agriculture, such as growing oranges. He added that in 1973 there were about 1,900 voters.

The foreign minister’s comments come just a week after Tatar said that ‘municipal’ and ‘government’ buildings will be opened in Varosha.

Tatar told a Turkish TV Channel that the ‘government’ has gained a lot from the opening of parts of Varosha and the prospects for the area as a tourist destination are great, and that the north could benefit financially.

Busloads of tourists arrive just outside the fenced-off area, as a checkpoint has been opened next to the Dr Fazil Kucuk stadium. Tour guides across various apps and platforms offer daytrips to the city.

“The ‘TRNC’ is a reality,” Tatar said last week. The recognition of the breakaway regime is being discussed, he added.

He trashed the prospect of bicommunal, bizonal federation, saying that the Turkish Cypriot side would ‘not accept’ discussing a federation with Greek Cypriot partner, or the removal of Turkish troops from the north, or getting rid of Ankara’s guarantees.

The Varosha violations have already been reported to the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General, to the heads of EU Institutions, EU leaders and all international fora in which the Republic of Cyprus participates.

The Security Council later called for a reversal of the Varosha decision by Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side to open the coastline in the fenced-off area and to adhere to UN resolutions.