The Greens party on Monday slammed the findings of an animal police investigation into the death of a cat after it was found dismembered, which the party suspects was carried out by human hands.

The party said the incident occurred on October 15 and was reported to the authorities after a Nicosia resident found a cat’s head and tail in their garden.

As the tail and head had been cut off so precisely and bore no teeth marks, or other animal-linked disturbances, the Gereen party said it suspected a human had carried out the act.

The resident who reported the incident received no update on the case, with the Greens party then pressing for answers.

dead cat pic2The party was informed that the animal police concluded that it was not a human who had killed the cat but instead was another animal.

They called on the veterinary services to explain their findings.

“We ask that the case be considered again as the photographs appear to show that the cat’s tragic death was caused by a human, and who ever did it will very likely do something similar in the future,” Anthi Mouzouri of the Greens said.

The Greens further detailed that the person who reported the case is an animal lover who cares for the neighbourhood cats, and said that many have recently gone missing.

The party also complained that there is further anguish caused to animal lovers who report such incidents as they are rarely informed of the outcome of the case, instead left wondering what action – if any – has been taken.