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Remains of ancient copper mines investigated

an ancient inclined adit with steps in the mine of plathkies
Steps to an ancient mine in Plathkies

The antiquities department on Wednesday announced that an archaeological project carried out in the area around the villages of Kalavasos and Asgata unveiled a number of remains of ancient copper mines.

The project, called “Metal Places: Culture crossroads in Εastern Mediterranean” and co-funded by the European Union and by National Funds of Greece and Cyprus, also included the archaeological pedestrian survey in the areas surrounding the mines located in the villages of Plathkies, Mavridia, Mavri Sykia, Kokkinokremos and Petra.

A team of archaeologists investigated the ancient galleries and slag heaps recorded on the historical legacy maps drawn by the Hellenic Mining Company during the first decades of the modern exploitation in the area.

The maps, together with a series of instruments and other equipment used by the modern miners, have been donated to the community of Asgata and will be placed on display in the new visitors’ centre which will be created in the old school of the village.

The exact location and current extent of the slag heaps, areas of refuse from a mine or an industrial site, were confirmed and recorded with modern instruments and a small surface survey was carried out.

A drone was also used to record the extent of the slag heaps.

Emphasis was especially placed on the recording of the remains of ancient galleys in the Plathkeies mine, which is also known in the local community as the ‘Roman mine’

With the use of drone-based photogrammetry, a three-dimensional model of the open-cast mine was created and this will be used for the study of ancient mining technology.

The fieldwork and the results of the project will now be followed by the study of the collected material, which will help us to better understand copper production technology in ancient times on the island.

recording the ancient galleries using a drone and photogrammetry
Using a drone to record the mine



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