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Polygon (MATIC) rises by 25% this month, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) surges 100% in the first two days of presale


Polygon (MATIC) has had an amazing month with a trend of nearly 25% growth – all the while, Orbeon Protocol is exploding with 100% gains during the Phase 1 Presale. Polygon has spiked hard for the past four weeks and has some big differences to show for it, while Orbeon is astounding the community with its intuitive and groundbreaking platform. Here’s the latest info about both projects.


Polygon (MATIC) is up by 25%, possible recovery from the 2021 slump

Polygon has seen growth totalling 25% gains in the past month – a sustained series of increases to its price that we haven’t seen since the 2021 market slump, where it tanked from a value of $2.92 at its highest. Polygon is set to continue growing since it has some interesting technical developments in the pipeline, much to the jubilation of the Polygon community. Although at the moment a minor downturn of around 1% has hit it. Still, with such a great month, hopefully, some of the growth will remain constant for Polygon, which has a current value of $0.93 a coin.

Polygon only attained any considerable value by early to mid-2021, peaked much later into the year, and then crashed and slumped for most of 2022, losing a huge chunk of its previous value. For Polygon coin owners, time will tell to see if this coin will regain its former value.

Orbeon Protocol surged 100% in its first two presale days

The Orbeon Protocol investment platform is a form of revolutionary crowdfunding based on buying fractions of NFTs, representing investment in the company, for prices as little as $1. It’s designed to allow the everyday investor to support dynamic new startup companies with minimal risk due to the low capital required. This means that startups can raise capital while simultaneously entering the web3 world and building a community of likeminded investors.

Due to the huge potential of this platform, The Orbeon native token (ORBN) has surged 100% in the first two days of the presale, with around 63 million tokens being sold in total. With an entry price of around $0.004 a coin it’s not hard to see why so many investors are swarming the presale. Notably, ORBN is predicted to increase by 6000% over the course of its Phase 1 Presale – which would leave it with a price of $0.24 at the time the presale concludes.

Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale


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