The committee on missing persons (CMP) announced on Tuesday it had found the remains of four people at a site in Troullous village in Larnaca.

The team had been searching for three people who disappeared between 1963 and 1964 however excavations uncovered the remains of a fourth person. Leonidas Pantelides and Hakkı Müftü, from the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot office respectively, visited the site a day earlier.

The search in Troullous began in August this year after eyewitness statements.

The remains were found at a depth of 11 meters, where the team switched from equipment to manual excavation, according to the briefing by team leader Ourania Michail.

Both Pantelides and Müftü called on anyone with any information to reach out to the CMP. “Any piece of information is important to us. We call on the public to contact our teams to share any knowledge they have.”

Individuals can share information with the CMP anonymously via the phone numbers 151 for the Greek Cypriot office, 181 for the Turkish Cypriot office or via the CMP website at