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EAC thefts on the rise

electricity authority, EAC

Incidents of theft from the electricity authority’s (EAC) substations are on the rise, the provider said on Sunday.

The thefts primarily concern the doors and entrances of substations, which aim to distribute power to neighbourhoods they are located at. There are thousands of substations across the country, the EAC said.

The substations are a small room and have equipment such as cables, transformers, switches and fuses. EAC highlighted that entering those premises is extremely dangerous for unauthorized individuals those without proper training, as there is an immediate risk of electric shock.

If a door is stolen from a substation it is replaced with an iron one, the EAC specified. It is also in collaboration with the police to prevent these thefts.

Should any member of the public notice a substation door is missing, they can contact the EAC on 1800 or 99245122.

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