Fantasy cartoons are a genre I have loved since my teens, with many of them approaching adult themes, and having magical elements.

The Dragon Prince is one of those shows, as it features elves, dragons, humans, magic and all with the complex mystery about conflicts between the groups.

Season 4 was launched last week on Netflix, which means that I binge watched all the episodes, as it had been more than two years since season 3 premiered.

The show’s premise begins with the death of the king of the dragons, who is a Storm Dragon, the looting of his lair, and the burglary of his only egg (the prince) by a human mage, practicing dark magic in an effort to advance the status of the race.

Dark magic is looked down on by elves and dragons, who talk in the show, as to be able to perform magic, the humans must kill other magical creatures.

The magical creatures come from a divided continent, which humans had been kicked out of centuries before the show begins, during a war.

The story features all kinds of characters, including a king from a mixed marriage, divorced families, same-sex relationships, and disabled individuals, which all add to the fantastic setting.

The show speaks to all the things found in society today, against a mythical background, and flanked by mystery and challenge as gaps are bridged between the warring races.

I have found myself yet again drawn into a cartoon, which has been interesting to watch even at an older age, because it has lessons that can be useful for younger generations growing up now.

Cartoons are changing to have mass appeal for all age groups, when previously it was a genre mostly enjoyed by children. They are packed with adult themes, concepts and stories that show the realities of life, in a manner that can be understood by all.

If you are looking to escape reality, but also peek into deeper themes, then The Dragon Prince is definitely a show you should watch.